Early Fall

The first of September in Missouri is usually still very warm. This year, however, fall seems to be arriving early. It has been cool - in the 70's during the day - for a week now. Last night it got down into the 40's!

Our cottonwood trees in the backyard are changing. The leaves turn yellow for a day or 2 then fall off, so we don't get much show from them. Our red maple in the front yard, however will turn a beautiful red shade and hang on to the leaves for much longer. It really dresses up the property. This is a photo of our maple tree last fall. This tree is still very green right now, but it won't be long until it's showing off all it's beauty.

On the quilty side of life - I finished a customer quilt yesterday. This is one of 2 quilts for a customer. My supplier notified me that the panto that was on backorder for the 2nd quilt has been shipped. It seems that Christmas panto's being on backorder isn't rare. I've ordered 3 from 2 different companies and all 3 were backordered. Luckily I have a little time to wait for them since I ordered them early.
I finished painting the main wall in my studio yesterday. Today I'll get the new design wall up and everything moved back in place. It will make quilting on the longarm easier. I've been squeezing around misplaced furniture for over a week, and that makes quilting a bit uncomfortable. Painting the side wall will be a project for later this year. I need DH to help me move the heavy shelving unit and drafting table. Besides, I have quilt orders to complete.


Barb said…
I lived 10 years in Warrensburg Missouri....the changing of the trees colors are so vibrant....missing the fall

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