Sampler Quilts

I recently finished a sampler quilt for a customer where I used a variety of different designs. Each block has at least one quilting design that is the same as the other blocks in order to keep some continuity throughout the quilt. The overall look however gives variety.

A spin feather quilted in the center squares, line dancing and feather plumes all added continuity.

The sashing around each block was quilting with diamond shapes. The setting triangles and corner triangles had the same feather quilted into them.

Some straight-line quilting was used to accent some blocks.

Fun, fun, fun!


Lis Harwood said…
I like your ideas of quilting to promote a unifying feel throughout the quilt. I have a sampler quilt to layer and quilt and I'm putting it off because I'm not sure what I'll do. I've also started another but this one I'll "quilt as I go" and I think that will be more successful. Thanks for the tips, Lis
Lis Harwood said…

Hi again, look at this link for more info about Fiona Marie

Lis xx
Barb said…
Yes, that does look like fun...can I come and play?
Jackie Russell said…
Love the spin feather!

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