Turning 20

The quilting is completed on the Turning 20 quilt. The customer wanted something soft - not geometric - with a coordinating border treatment.

I quilted a feather and floral meander in the body of the quilt.

The outer border has a floral design with feathers.

More feathers in the inner border. Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom batting with Signature cotton in Seascape used throughout the quilt.

Zipper Leaders

I was asked a question about the fabric I used in the zipper leaders I made for my machine. I used canvas duck purchased at JoAnn Fabrics. They have a website http://www.joann.com/  Enter "canvas duck" in their search box and it comes up in several colors for $7.99/yard.


Anonymous said…
love it, when you say free hand flowers, do you use a template for the big half circles?Can I also ask you how loose is your bobbin tension and do you have quilt quilt tight on the rollers or a bit of give?
Thank you
Barb said…
Love your machine quilting!!!
Jazmyne said…
You have great talent.! Well, Joann Fabrics is my most favorite store for fabric shopping.

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