Turning 20 Questions Answered

Thanks to Barb and Christine for their comments on the quilting on the Turning 20 quilt. Christine also asked me some questions about the quilting that I thought I would answer today.

I did use a circle template for the half circles in the border. It's 7" in diameter. I quilted the circles first, then the flowers.

My bobbin tension registered between 160 and 180 on the TOWA gauge, and I had the quilt sandwich a bit on the loose side. It wasn't sagging on the frame, but I tightened it like I usually do, then backed off by 2 teeth on the take up roller. This is my usual set up for quilts made of batik fabrics like this one was. I also used a #18 needle (MR 4.0).

The backing fabric was a piece of commercial hand-dye fabric - not batik - so that made the quilting easier.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for the answers, I will get myself a TOWA gauge, wasn't sure if it was something I needed, but I think I do.


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