Just Hanging Around

This little guy has been hanging around our front door this past week. He is actually a rather large Praying Mantis and he's fascinated our youngest DD. So he had to have his photo taken.

Here's his "head shot". He reminds me of some of those creatures from the older "Sci-fi" movies. I wonder if these insects are what inspired them.


I love these creatures. Rather rare to see them. I always used their name to remind my children to pray!
momtofatdogs said…
FWIW...They are not poisonous. My DD#2 got pinched/bit by one & I called poison control - panicked over the whole thing - and NO they are not poisonous. DD#2 was not panicked, I was. I hated teaching her fear - but we lived out in the boonies & the nearest hospital didn't even deliver babies - much less be prepared for a poisonous bite.....That was 12 years ago...We get a lot of them here in the south. Interesting (non-poisonous) lizards too.

Sam in Middle TN

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