Quilting Technology

Networking with quilters through the internet has brought to light information, techniques and tools of the trade that I would never have discovered on my own. The past few days I have taken advantage of two of these tools or sources to aid in my own quilting.

First is DigiTech. The majority of my work is freehand - custom and heirloom quilting. I rarely use pantographs, but when I do need one I often need it "NOW" and don't have time to wait for the panto to be shipped to me. Designing my own pantos isn't always successful. DigiTech has been recommended by other quilters and yesterday I took a look and purchased a panto by download. I don't have a computerized longarm machine, so I purchased the panto in pdf format. Love it! So quick, easy to download, and I had the panto right there on my computer to print off and ready to quilt. They have so many pantos to chose from that the hardest part of the process was chosing the one I liked best. They even have a few free pantos.

Second is Quilt Assistant. It was recommended by another landscape quilt artist. It's a free quilt design software that you download onto your computer. It can be used to turn photos into patterns for piecing as well as designing traditional quilt blocks and paper piecing patterns. I haven't tried it out yet, but I'm really interested in using it to turn some of my photos into quilt patterns.

I think this photo may be a good one to start with.



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sorry for repost its not jazz but quilting
mary murrah said…
I love your blog. Congratulations for being chosen "Top 100 blogs Award" I am interested in the free quilt patterns. Thanks Mary Murrah at grammysquilts.com

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