Nature Walk

First of all I want to say thank you to those who have posted positive comments about my blog. I do appreciate it. I know my blog doesn't appeal to everyone, and it wasn't meant to. The fact that I put a "Boring" option on the response section was my choice. I didn't realize until people started checking it that it wasn't beneficial since it doesn't give them a place to tell me what they felt was boring. I'm not planning on changing what I post about anyway, so the response option wasn't needed.

Now to things that are more fun! DH and I took our girls to the local nature center as DH #2 wanted to see frogs.
Found one!
We also found a turtle.
And a bee on a stem of goldenrod.
Autumn is definately making itself known, but there are still lots of wildflowers blooming. I'll post photos of them tomorrow.


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