Machine Embroidery

Today I worked for several hours doing the machine embroidery on the seascape quilt. I'm using Fusion thread by Singer on my domestic sewing machine. This is the first time I've ever used Fusion and I absolutely love it! It's a bit heavier weight than standard sewing thread and rayon thread so it gives a bit more dimension to the embroidery.

I'm using a blanket stitch for all the appliques except the tiny pieces like the grasses and the handle on the beach umbrella. So far it looks really nice. I still have several more hours of work on the embroidery before it's done.

For the borders I'm planning on a 1 inch inner border using the darkest blue fabric used in the ocean. Then the outer border will be the sky fabric and the darkest sand fabric. If I can get it to work I think I'll use the sky fabric for the upper part of the quilt changing to the sand fabric at the point where the sand starts on the inner pannel. Otherwise I'll add 2 more borders - a border of sand and another of the sky fabric. I'm hoping to get the quilt on the quilting machine sometime next week.



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