Here are the fabrics I chose for a seascape quilt I'm making for my sister, Barbara. This is a tease for her :) She'll have to wait for the quilt to be done to see how they all come together - unless I decide to post photos of the quilt in progress.
I've placed the fabrics in order that they'll appear in the quilt starting with the sky fabric on the top, then the horizon fabrics (the pinks), the ocean fabrics (blues and teals) and the sand fabrics (the beiges), the tree trunks (the browns), and the green fabrics for greenery. I'll be making clouds out of the pinks and darker blues, too.
I'm still working out the pattern, but I'm getting my inspiration from Ginny's quilt as well as other quilt artists whose work I've been studying the past week or so. I think I purchased enough fabric to make another, smaller quilt too. Barbara's quilt will be a bed quilt and will be used, so I want it to hold up to washings. I'll be machine piecing most of it, but appliqueing some of it, too.
Stay tuned :D


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