No rain today!!!! The ground is soooo saturated that the back yard squishes underneath your feet when you walk on the grass. I've told Mot to wear her boots when she goes outside to play!

We've started a plant unit in homeschool this week. Last night I went to Wally-world and bought a Rosemary plant and a Lavender plant along with a couple of Lithodora's and a Bellis (Galaxy Rose). I wanted to replace some dead perineals in the front yard with herbs - therefore the Rosemary and Lavender. Then Mot wanted flowers so I bought the others. The Lithodoras are a deep blue - almost a cobalt blue. I think they are a ground cover. The Galaxy Rose won't get very tall either, but it's a pretty pink/red flower with feathery petals and a yellow center. Right now they are all on the window sill and the top of one of the book cases until the weather warms up and the ground dries out enough to plant them outdoors.

Today we planted seeds. I had some thyme, basil, cilantro and miniature marigold seeds that Mot planted. Those are also on the window sill. I sure hope they sprout so we can plant them outside. Keeping her interested in the plants while they are germinating is going to be a challenge. She thinks they should sprout as soon as the seed hits the soil-ha! We are working through a plant coloring book that may help.

Since it isn't raining today, I'm going to get started on a quilt. I haven't decided which one yet, but I want a quick project so it will probably be either the Snails Trail, my Lily or Orbit tops. We have a meeting to go to tonight at church so I won't have time to quilt this evening.



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