Seascape Phase I

Yesterday I played around with the fabrics for the Seascape quilt trying to decide how to line them up for the main part of the quilt - the sky, sea, and sand. The first photo shows the sand colors in reverse of what I decided to do in the end. The reason being is that the sand closest to the water line is usually darker because it is wet. So I reversed the fabrics this morning when I was stitching the colors together.

I'm not certain about the straight line at the junction between the sand and the water. I may change that since it won't be hard to do. I just need to live with it for a day or 2 before I decide - unless you want me to change it Barbara. The straightl line at the sea and sky junction is what you see in nature so I'll leave that.

I drew the design on freezer paper - long sheets 45 inches long and 18" wide taped together to make a sheed of paper approximately 54x45". I then drew lines for the horizon and the junction between the sand and sea. Then drew some wavey lines for the water and the sand. I labeled and cut them out one by one, ironing them onto the right side of the fabric. Then I turned under the edge that overlaps the previous fabric - such as the top edge of the bottom sand fabric is turned under then overlaps the 2nd sand fabric from the bottom. I glued the 2 pieces together using washable school glue and heat set the seam with an iron, then sewed them together topstitching them with a 3-step blanket stitch. It's hard to see on this photo but the topstitching gives the quilt top a little added dimension. After all the fabrics were topstitched together in sections - all sea together and all sand together, I stitched the sky to the sea and then the sea to the sand using a regular 1/4" seam and turning the seam allowance towards the darker fabric. Then I went back and topstitched over those 2 seams.

The top so far measures 42" wide by 62" long - or will once I trim the edges. I cropped the photo so you can't see the uneven edges-ha! But the top hangs straight so that will make the rest of the process a lot easier.

Next step is to make the appliques for the trees, leaves and greenery and perhaps a beach house and a beach umbrella - depending on how much room I have. Then I'll applique them on and put on the borders. All that will be left is the quilting :D



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