Seascape Phase V

So, I decided I wasn't done with the center panel afterall! I wanted to get a different view of the beach and add the Sand Island Lighthouse to the quilt. Or rather a loose version of the Sand Island Lighthouse. I added color to it. The original lighthouse is all white.

If you were actually facing the Gulf of Mexico from the beach, the lighthouse would be on the left side of the quilt. Since I already had the palm fronds on the left, I put the lighthouse on the right side. If I had planned this all out before starting the quilt it would have been in the right place which would be the left side of the quilt, but this is an improvisational quilt so I took artistic license and moved things around. :)

I just realized that this probably doesn't make any sense at all unless you are familiar with Dauphin Island, Alabama. That is my sisters favorite vacation destination. I have dozens of photos of the island - especially the beach, but this is a whimsical version of Dauphin Island with representation of various items on the island including a beach house, sea oats, beach umbrellas, etc. All that's missing are the seashells and I may get those incorporated yet!

Here is a photo of another quilt top that I finished over the weekend. This is from Valerie Hearder's book "Points of View" and her quilt is called "Late Afternoon View". I haven't decided on a name for my quilt yet.

This is a small quilt about 11 1/2" x 17 1/2 ". It uses hand applique as well as fusible applique. I've used mostly my own hand-dyed fabrics in this one with commerical fabrics for the green border, the flowers and the basket weave fabric panel.

Valerie's book has a lot of inspiration in it and good instructions on using art supplies in your quilts. I took her suggestion for colored pencils and bought a couple of Prisma color pencils to use on the lighthouse in the seascape quilt. It's much easier than cutting out small pieces of fabric and fusing them in place. I cut out the entire lighthouse in a white on white fabric and colored in the stripes, light, and roof.

This afternoon I'm going to trim up the seascape quilt and cut the inner border for it. Hopefully I'll have time to stitch it on. And if time permits, I'll cut out the outer borders and apply them. We'll have to see how it goes.



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