Snail Trail

The Snail Trail quilt is on the machine and I hope to finish it today. I decided to do freehand feathers in each block. Completing one row of 4 blocks is taking me an hour and a half. I'm down to the last row of 4 blocks though, so I should have it completed today.....IF the thunderstorms hold of! We're expecting more today. It rained during the night but the big storms are expected later.

Once I finish the Snail Trial, I'll be loading my Lily quilt. It's a very small wallhanging and shouldn't take long to quilt - famous last words!

Mot got her seeds planted the other day and yesterday we watered everything. So far she hasn't lost interest in them. I'm hoping that will continue while we're waiting for the plants to sprout. Everything we planted is supposed to sprout within a week.

I'm running out of ideas for social studies for Mot, so yesterday I went on-line and did some research. I've decided to do a unit on transportation since she has such a love for trains. I found some coloring pages for her that we'll work on for a few days. I still need to find some history on trains, though. What I would like to do is to take her on a train ride. Amtrak makes a stop in our town so perhaps we can make a trip to St. Louis or KC or even Sedalia one day. Or maybe the train at the zoo will be enough for her :)

After trains, we'll move on to airplanes. She doesn't like them much after her experience in traveling from Thailand to the U.S., but she does like seeing them in the sky. She just doesn't want to have to travel in one again. I thought that a history lesson on air travel would be fun. We could make model airplanes, too.

I'm off to do more research.



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