New Quilts

Here are a couple of photos of the new quilts I'm working on.

This one is called Wild Cats. It's a pattern I got out of a quilting magazine about 4 years ago. In fact I appliqued and pieced it 4 years ago while I was recovering from surgery. It's just now on the quilting machine.

Here it is on the machine. I had to make freezer paper templates of the quilting design for the end and setting triangle pieces. The fabric is so busy that I couldn't see my chalk markings.

But then the freezerpaper templates kept getting caught in the hopping foot. So I made a plastic template and am tracing around that with a water-soluble marker. That seems to do the trick. This quilting motif is called "Peacock" and is my original design.

Here is the "Bird" quilt I've mentioned before. I've named it "Flight at Sunrise" - appropriate, huh! It's supposed to be an impression of birds taking off at sunrise. I just finished piecing it this morning. It's been in the designing and piecing stages since this past fall. I have a humble block in here that I need to rip out and fix. It's in the upper right-hand corner with the lighter blue background fabric. I put the "wings" on the bird backwards - oops!

I may put borders on this quilt. I haven't
decided about that yet.


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