Here is Lily. This is a small art quilt that I appliqued a few years ago, but just finished quilting it this evening. It is 25 1/4" x 31 1/2".
The appliques are all hand-dyed fabrics fused to a solid black commercial cotton fabric. I stitched the appliques with a gold metalic thread on the edges. The quilting thread is all cotton by Signature.
The quilt is an abstract design I created while doodling in a theme notebook. I took the idea of a lily and disected it into it's anatomical parts. I have a couple other doodles with the same "disecting" theme in that notebook. One day I'll make quilts from them.
So for the quilting - the outer border is McTavishing with black thread. The red-orange appliqued border is a ribbon quilted with Woodlands variegated thread. The inner border is formed strictly by the change in quilting designs. I used a tiny 1/4" piano key quilting pattern for that border. Pebbles are quilted between the petals, and a swirl-type design is quilted around the stem - it's my form of McTavishing that I call "Lofting" :D The quilting in the stem is a wave design and I did a tiny leaf-type feather in the leaves and the petals. I used Harvest variegated thread in the petals, and Woodlands in the leaves. The batting is Hobbs 80/20.
Overall I think it turned out pretty well. All I have to do now is to bind it - once I decide what color fabric to bind it in. Should it be black, red-orange, or yellow-orange? Hmmmmm.


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